Wellness Committee Guide

A school wellness committee is an advisory group tasked with strengthening the way a school addresses the health and wellbeing of all students. In Kansas, districts are required to implement wellness policies that call for nutrition, student wellness and physical activity education and programming. 

But there is always more to accomplish. By forming or joining a wellness committee, you can be the spark that influences healthy changes for Kansas kids.

These committees – usually between six and 12 in size – can include anyone who has an interest in student health, including school leaders, family and community members and students, and can be formed at the district or individual school level. They typically address the health environment of a school, identify concerns and make recommendations for positive improvements. In Kansas, wellness policies and committees aim to address four critical categories: nutrition, nutrition education and promotion, physical activity and integrated school wellness.

This guide will help outline the basics for how to start a conversation around your school’s wellness committee, how you can play a supportive role and how to keep your committee active and effective.

How to Build a School Wellness Committee

How to Continue Making a Difference

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