Third Party Links & Resources for School Leaders

In the section below, explore links to health and wellness resources that contain valuable information on establishing school wellness programs in collaboration with families and other like-minded individuals. 

Wellness Policies – How to Implement

Published by the Kansas State Department of Education, this step-by-step guide walks you through the process of developing, implementing and evaluating school wellness policies alongside your students’ families, including information on how to build school health councils, work with school boards and implement wellness plans.  

The Healthy School Nutrition Environment

This document provides an overview of what healthy school environments look like and why they are so important. It also provides a list of fundraising ideas to replace less nutritious options like candy or bake sales.

Kansas Team Nutrition

The state-based arm of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s national Team Nutrition, Kansas Team Nutrition, presents a variety of resources – focused on both nutrition and physical activity – for improving school wellness, working alongside families. Kansas Team Nutrition also provides valuable links to funding opportunities for your school(s).

Eat Smart, Play Hard

Eat Smart, Play Hard is a state-based resource that encourages kids and their families to make healthy food choices and stay physically active. One of the site’s primary assets is its extensive video library – a variety of clips spotlighting school leaders and students who have made commitments to eating healthier and moving more.

Joint Use Agreements for Healthier Children

This one-page document discusses joint use agreements, a government-school partnership that allows local communities to access playgrounds and gymnasiums after school hours. By working together with families to establish this innovative approach to school and overall community wellness you can position your local school as a convener and hotspot for physical activity.

There’s More Than One Way to Serve Breakfast

This practical and accessible guide to school breakfast provides an overview of the various ways schools can serve breakfast (in the cafeteria, in the classroom, via grab ‘n’ go bags, after first period or on the bus) and provides quizzes to help determine which form of breakfast is right for your school(s).

The Project Refresh Cafeteria Toolkit

Published by Team Nutrition, this collection of resources is designed to help school food service staff, teachers, and families support children’s healthy eating in the school cafeteria. It provides surveys for kids, leaders and families to evaluate the current environment as well as tips to improve healthy offerings.

Healthy Alternatives for School Celebrations, Rewards, Fundraisers and Snacks

Produced by BlueCross BlueShield of Kansas City and KCHealthyKids, this comprehensive document explains the importance of healthy food choices for school celebrations, fundraisers, rewards and snacks. The site also provides third-party resources, including links to related organizations and shareable handouts for both you and your students’ families.

Smart Snacks in Schools

Published by KSDE, this compilation of resources and guidelines includes easily accessible nutrition rules for Kansas schools and new standards for snacks served during school hours. It also includes a user friendly calculator for you to determine whether the foods you’re serving meet health requirements. 

Smart Snacks

Provided by Alliance for a Healthier Generation and the School Nutrition Association, this resource provides a series of tools to help make Smart Snacks a success in your school district. The resources closely follow new U.S. Department of Agriculture Smart Snacks in School guidelines for a la carte items, vending machines, snack carts, school stores and in-school fundraisers.

Controlling Junk Food and the Bottom Line

This series of tip sheets provided by the Illinois Public Health Institute offers suggestions for implementing strong nutrition standards for snack and a la carte foods and beverages in your school(s), including help with finance, policy, access to healthy foods, student education and cafeteria strategies. Also included is the National PTA’s Smart Snack Guide, which details how you can work with your school’s PTA to improve the health landscape.

Parents Support Healthier School Food Standards

Published by The Pew Charitable Trusts, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the American Heart Association, this site contains evidence-based recommendations on policies for healthy school foods. An engaging infographic and other visuals help track community support for smarter school meal and snack standards.

SuperTracker Nutrition Lesson Plans

Created by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, this guide provides nutrition lesson plans for helping High School students build a healthy diet. The lesson plans cover a variety of topics including selecting healthy snacks, finding personal recommendations for what and how much to eat, evaluating food selections, and building healthy meals. Each plan contains learning objectives, detailed instructions, and accompanying resources and handouts.

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