Team Up for Kansas Kids Flyer

School-family collaboration is crucial to any healthy school effort. This accessible flyer is designed to jump start important conversations about health and wellness within Kansas schools and between school leaders and families across the state. 

Print it out and send it home with your students to engage family members in collaborative nutrition and physical activity initiatives. Hang it up on bulletin boards, in classrooms and hallways to demonstrate that you’ve made wellness a priority at your school and reinforce your commitment to creating the healthy environments students need to succeed. 

Most importantly, use it to encourage Kansans to Team Up with school leaders and families around the state to ensure our kids succeed inside and outside the classroom. After all, healthy kids are happy kids – and better learners, too.

The flyer is downloadable straight from the site. It can be printed in either black and white or color and looks great both as an 8.5X11 inch flyer and 11X17 poster. Keep in mind, when printing or photocopying to colored paper, it’s better to use the black and white version provided. When printing on white paper or professionally (from Kinko’s, Staples, etc.), you’ll get the best results with the color download.

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