Resources for School Leaders

Learn more about how to work with Kansas families to develop, implement and evaluate wellness programs in your school that emphasize nutrition education, physical activity and healthful habits. 

Like-Minded Organizations for School Leaders

Like what you’ve seen? Check out these links to like-minded organizations for more information and ideas on how you can work collaboratively with Kansas families to help our kids develop healthy habits for life. 

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Third Party Links & Resources for School Leaders

Explore wellness resources, guidelines and tips and tricks for how you can help make positive changes in your schools in collaboration with families across Kansas. 

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Wellness Committee Guide

Find out how to start a conversation around your school’s wellness committee, how you can play a supportive role and how to keep your committee active and effective.

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Team Up for Kansas Kids Flyer

Use this flyer to jump start important conversations about health and wellness in your school and with Kansas families. Click here to download it in color or black and white.

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Writing and publishing an op-ed is a great way to broadly explain why improving kids’ health and wellness in and out of schools is something Kansas should care about. Here are a few tips, as well as a sample op-ed, to get you started.

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Grants 101

Securing a grant can help take your current or planned wellness program to the next level. Here are a few helpful tips, writing resources and national and state grant opportunities to get you started.

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Facts About Kansas Kids