Letters to the Editor

Writing a letter to the editor (LTE) is another great way to encourage and promote healthy eating and plenty of exercise in Kansas schools by starting community dialogue around how school leaders and parents can best partner for success. Here are a few tips and a sample letter to get you started.

LTE Tips and Tricks

Sample LTE

Dear Editor,

Kansas schools have a tremendous opportunity to promote healthy eating and physical activity during school hours. Far from taking time from learning, these healthy habits actually help kids succeed in school.

Studies show that kids who eat breakfast and participate in regular physical activity are more likely to pay attention in class and comprehend lessons. In fact, kids who eat breakfast every morning score an average 17.5 percent higher on standardized math tests.
I am writing to urge others to take action to improve health and wellness in our communities and schools across Kansas. Let’s work together – as parents and school leaders who care – to ensure our kids succeed in and out of the classroom.

Please visit Team up for Kansas Kids and take the pledge today to support healthy schools in our state.


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