Letters to School Leaders

Collaboration between school leaders, parents, family members and caregivers is fundamental to improving the health and wellness of kids across the state. If you have a child in Kansas schools, keep the flow of communication with school leaders open. Thank them for what they’re doing to improve wellness and encourage them to pledge to do more.

Letters are a great way to work with school leaders. They provide a record of ideas, concerns and suggestions, and give everyone an opportunity to discuss similar interests. They can also lead to new opportunities for positive school-family collaboration. Consider writing a letter to express interest in serving on or promoting a school wellness committee – an advisory group tasked with strengthening a school’s health environment by identifying wellness concerns and making recommendations for positive improvements.

The tips and tricks below outline the basics for writing effective and impactful letters to school leaders.

Tips and Tricks

Start by asking yourself a few key questions, and try to address each in your letter:

Keep the following in mind as you write:

Sample Letter

Dear School Leader,

My child, [Insert name], is a student in [Insert teacher(s) and/or grade]. As a [Insert role in family; e.g., parent, caregiver, etc], the lessons my child learns about nutrition and physical activity during the school day matter to me. I understand that healthy kids are happy kids – and better learners, too. I have pledged to learn more and take action to improve school wellness in my community, and I’m eager to discuss ways for us to work together to achieve this mission. 

Both the environments at school and at home play a big role in our children’s growth and development. If families and school leaders commit to working together, our kids will benefit. [Insert specific requests or questions.]

I would love to discuss ways for us to partner to ensure kids in Kansas grow up healthy, smart and strong. I can be reached at [Insert number and email address], and please let me know a good time to have this discussion. I look forward to working together!


[Insert name of parent or family member]


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