Resources for Families

In this section, explore successful programs, how-to guides and other creative ideas for working with school leaders to promote healthy habits at home and at school.   

Wellness Committee Guide

Find out how to start a conversation around your school’s wellness committee, how you can play a supportive role and how to keep your committee active and effective.

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Letters to the Editor

Writing a letter to the editor (LTE) is another great way to start community dialogue around how school leaders and parents can best encourage healthy lifestyles. Here are a few tips and a sample letter to get you started.  

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Like-Minded Organizations for Families

Like what you’ve seen? Check out these links to like-minded organizations for more information and ideas on how you can help your kids develop healthy habits for life. 

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Third Party Links & Resources for Families

Explore wellness resources, guidelines and tips and tricks for how you can help make positive changes in your kids’ schools in collaboration with school leaders and other like-minded families and individuals. 

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Wellness at Home Tip Sheet

Exposure to healthy habits can’t end when the school bell rings. Discover tips for creating healthy environments at home. 

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Letters to School Leaders

Letters are a great way to work with school leaders. The tips and tricks below outline the basics for writing effective and impactful letters.

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