About Us

About Us

Team Up for Kansas Kids is a statewide effort designed to close information and resource gaps between families and school leaders, facilitating positive partnerships to improve the wellbeing of children across Kansas and help ensure Kansas kids grow up smart, strong and healthy.

Exposure to healthy habits at a young age can have an enormous impact on lifelong achievement. Studies show kids who eat breakfast and participate in regular physical activity are healthier and more likely to pay attention in class, comprehend lessons and score higher on tests. Through school-family collaborations, Team Up for Kansas Kids aims to bring together important role models and provide them with the tools they need to meet and exceed wellness guidelines in schools across the state.

The Team Up for Kansas Kids website provides a repository of best practices, how-to guides and valuable resources to help facilitate constructive conversations and collaborative action. When we work together to encourage good nutrition and physical activity, we can reduce childhood obesity and chronic disease, improve kid’s academic achievement and teach healthy habits for life. Join our mission and pledge to Team Up for Kansas Kids.

Team Up for Kansas Kids is funded by the Kansas Health Foundation (KHF), an organization dedicated to ensuring Kansans have the opportunity to live a healthy life. KHF looks to achieve this by promoting health and wellness in schools, neighborhoods and workplaces. Growing leaders in Kansas communities. Inspiring decision makers. Acting as a voice for healthy public policy. And starting and fostering community philanthropy that will see its mission thrive for generations. Together with grantees and partners, KHF’s goals include making Kansas the healthiest, most productive, most livable state in the nation. To learn more, please visit www.kansashealth.org; follow KHF on Twitter @KansasHealthOrg; or visit Facebook.com/KansasHealthFoundation.

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